Steps for adding a new tape in tape driver for save backup

Step -1 First open the tape box carefully and don’t keep the tape drive in dusty place.

Step-2 Paste the bar code sticker in tape for tape identification.

Step-3 Then enter into the data center room and place the tape’s in tape driver.

The above figure shows before opening the tape rac from tape drive you have to give password for authentication.
Once the password successfully given then we can take the tape rac and place our new tapes in rac.
Step -4 Once the tapes are successfully scanned then we need to allocate the tapes with policy in backup tool. Here we are using Symantech Netbackup tool.

Go to mediaàselect the media option (It will show all tapes which is there in tape drive).

Then select policy in policy option and assign the tape then schedule or run the job immediately.

Here the selected tape are newly added tapes and it’s assigned to filesystem backup policy.

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