Oracle Database Mobile Server Installation Steps

Step by Step Oracle Database Mobile Server Installation

Overall Oracle DB Mobile Server System Architecture,

Step 1: Pre-requisites,

   1. Oracle Database.
   2. Application Server,

     > Oracle Weblogic (I've used Oracle Weblogic 12c).
     > Oracle Glassfish.
     > Oracle Application Server.

Step 2: Installing Database Mobile Server,

Unzip the

> Go to Disk1--> you can find two folders one for linux 32 bit and another one linux 64 bit, In my case I'm using linux64 bit--> Go to Linux64 folder and run the runInstaller file. 

> Here you need to mention JDK_HOME path.

> First Install Mobile Server

> For testing purpose I've installed Mobile Server Demo Application

> Here you have to mention your application home path, In my case I've used Oracle Weblogic 12c.

> Need to specify JDK_HOME (Kindly maintain same JDK version)

> During configuration step, It will ask you create Repository. 

> Mention your Database hostname, port number and service or SID.

> Give Database SYSTEM user and password.

> Give Mobile Server Repository password and select deploy demo application option (if you installed demo application before).

> Here I'm creating new domain in weblogic sever.

> After Mobile Server installation cross check the repository.log file.

Step 3: Install Mobile Development Kit, 

Again run the same runInstaller file and specify the JDK_HOME path.

> Select the Mobile Development Kit option,

Step 4: Testing the Mobile Database Workbench.

> After installation check whether the Mobile Database workbench is working or not. 

> Go to-->mobile client home location-->mobile-->sdk-->bin--> run the file.

> Here you can create new project.

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  1. hi Nagaraj,
    Could u plz tell me what all the steps involved in creating project using api(i.e using consolidator api and others) .Since MDK does not have many feature.