OEM 13C Installation Steps

Pre Requisites:

  • Install  Linux 6 OS or more than that.
  • Create Directory structure and grant permissions,
          mkdir - p /oracle/product/oem
          mkdir -p /oracle/product/database
          chown -Rf oracle:oinstall /oracle
          chmod -Rf 755 /oracle
  • Install Database 12c and use the below document while sizing the parameters.
  • Download OEM13C software,


During the OEM 13C installation phase, you invoke the installer to create Oracle homes and install the following:
  • Installs Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 1 (
  • Installs Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7.0_80.
  • Installs Oracle Management Service 13c Release 1.
  • Installs Oracle Management Agent 13c Release 1 in the agent base directory you specify (outside the middleware home).
  • Installs Oracle JRF 12c Release 1 (, which includes the oracle_common directory.
  • Installs Oracle Web Tier 12c Release 1 (
  • Installs Oracle BI Publisher 12c Release 1 (, which includes the bi directory.

Installation Steps:

The installer requires about 10 GB of hard disk space in the temporary directory. If your temporary directory does not have this space, then pass the   -J-Djava.io.tmpdir parameter and provide an alternative directory where there is 10 GB of space.

I've created TEMP directory in / mountpoint.

Run em13100_linux64.bin under oracle user,

./em13100_linux64.bin -J-Djava.io.tmpdir=/TEMP

Unpick security Updates

Skip Patch Updates

Note: For test purpose I've ignored some of pre-checks, In your case all pre-checks have to succeeded

Type of Installation up to you

Specify Software installation directory location 

Specify password and Pluggable DB details.
While DB installation make sure the character set.

Make false of optimizer_adaptive_features parameter

 Disable Gather Stats and alter the parallel Max and Min servers parameter as per recommendation.

 Change shared_pool_size and session_cached_cursors parameter as per recommendation.

 Click Install

Run allroot.sh under root user 

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