Disabling SSL for EBS R12

The SSL can be enabled in R12 environment by following the oracle support document: 376700.1 Recently I cloned R12 instance in test server that time I disable SSL settings because in my production environment SSL enabled.

To disable the ssl:

  1. Changed the value for context variables s_url_protocol, s_local_url_protocol,s_webentryurlprotocol in context file from https to http. 
  1. Changed the value for s_active_webport to the value for context variable s_webport. 
  1. Changed the value of s_help_web_agent, s_login_page, s_external_url context variables to point to http url and the port in the url refers to s_webport.
Executed autoconfig after the changes and bounced MT services. The appslocal login url worked just fine, no problem but the appslogin url had a problem, it automatically switched from http://hostname:port/OA_HTML/AppsLogin to https://hostname:port/OA_HTML/AppsLogin and errored out with some ssl error.

The issue is because of ssl_terminator.conf included in the httpd.conf file. To resolve the issue, set the value for context variable s_enable_sslterminator to #. After executing autoconfig, the include ssl_terminator.conf is commented out in the httpd.conf.

After the bounce of MT services, the ssl was disabled and the Appslogin url with http protocol, worked just fine

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  1. Hi

    I am getting same error.but am unable to see any file in httpd.conf as terminator related.