How to use RCU in other than LINUX and MICROSOFT platform

Even if your database is on a Solaris, HP, AIX machine or any other platform not supported by Repository Creation Utility, you can still run RCU from a supported platform and add the remote host on which your database resides. 

The only other choice to create schema in solaris is to run scripts under rcuHome\rcu\integration.

E.g. USERS=Default Tablespace and TEMP=Temporary Tablespace:

Metadata Services (mds)
%SCRIPT_HOME%/mds/sql/cremds-rcu.sql DEV_MDS

User Messaging Service (sdpm)
%SCRIPT_HOME%/sdpm/scripts/create_sdp_messaging_user.sql DEV_ORASDPM WELCOME1 USERS TEMP
%SCRIPT_HOME%/sdpm/scripts/create_sdp_messaging_store.sql DEV_ORASDPM
%SCRIPT_HOME%/sdpm/scripts/create_sdp_messaging_userprefs.sql DEV_ORASDPM

SOA Infrastructure (soainfra)

%SCRIPT_HOME%/soainfra/sql/createuser_soainfra_oracle.sql DEV_SOAINFRA WELCOME1 USERS TEMP
%SCRIPT_HOME%/soainfra/sql/createschema_soainfra_oracle.sql DEV_SOAINFRA

Business Activity Monitoring (bam)
%SCRIPT_HOME%/bam/sql/createuser_bam_oracle.sql DEV_ORABAM WELCOME1 USERS TEMP
%SCRIPT_HOME%/bam/sql/createschema_bam_oracle.sql DEV_ORABAM

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