How to clone the Oracle Client Software

Cloning of Oracle Client:

1. Tar the Oracle Client home from the source server.
tar -cvf file_name.tar product

2. scp the tar file to the new server

3. Untar the file at the location from where we want like the same directory path like the source server. tar -xvf file_name.tar

4. Now start the cloning.

export ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/11.2.0
$ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -clone ORACLE_BASE="/opt/oracle/" ORACLE_HOME="/opt/oracle/product/11.2.0" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="Oracle11201_client" -invPtrLoc="/opt/projects/oracle/oraInventory"

Note: The above command need to run in single line.

Useful DOC IDs:
  • Master Note For Oracle Database Client Installation (Doc ID 1157463.1)
  • Install / Deinstall / Cloning Assistant: Oracle Database / Client (Doc ID 1555012.2)

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