New Look and Feel UI - Release 12.2.3

The following 'Look and Feel' Styles are as per the system Profile Option 'Oracle Application Look and Feel':

  1. Swan Desktop Look and Fell
  2. Skyros Look and Feel (By default)
  3. Simple Desktop Look and Feel
  4. Minimal Look and Feel
  5. Minimal Desktop Look and Feel
  6. Browser Look and Feel
  7. Base Desktop Look and Feel.

Steps to Change the 'Look and Feel':

Login with a user having sysadmin responsibility ---> Navigate to system admin responsibility ---> profile>system ---> Query profile 'Oracle Applications Look and Feel' ---> Changes Profile Value at 'Site Level' ---> Save your changes---> Navigate to Functional Administrator Responsibility ---> Navigate to Core Services>Cache Framework ---> Click 'Clear All Cache' button ---> Click 'Apply' button ---> Now You can able to see the new UI